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Hackney Trinity


The Hackney Trinity is an inspirational, competitive and charismatic sibling trio which promotes health, fun, community and positivity.


Fitness enthusiasts OlaJacob (“OJ”), OlaDeji (“DJ”) and Juwon (“1J”)  are three brothers with impressively chiselled physiques. Their ancestral roots are in Africa, but were born and bred in the London Borough of Hackney. Whenever they are in a room together, their natural charisma, humour and sibling rivalry creates an irresistible energy which, when allied with their eye-catching physiques, has a tendency to consume anyone within the immediate vicinity.





Juwon (“One J”) was recently awarded first class honours in Mathematics at a top London university. He is a modern-day Mr. Motivator - an undefeated amateur boxer whose physique is impeccable and athleticism undeniable. He is (arguably!) the fittest member of the Trinity and certainly the most braggadocious. He has the tell-tale confidence of the youngest sibling and frequently espouses outrageous motivational quotes and soundbites.




Deji (“DJ”) is a former Sports Science Student and now full-time personal trainer. He has personally trained a number of high-profile clients, but his professionalism, discretion and integrity means that he will never reveal their identities. For someone with such an imposing physical presence, it can be disarming to discover that his personality resembles that of an amateur philosopher. He approaches life with an enviable clarity and focus which is evident even in the most brief interactions.



OlaJacob (“OJ”) is a sartorially elegant, high-flying city executive by day and male model/actor in his spare time and weekends. Intelligent, yet humble, his good looks and impressive physique have culminated in him recently being snapped up by Sandra Reynolds Modelling Agency. He is a board member of a number of charitable organisations, ex-professional sportsman and aspiring entrepreneur.